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Have your own @domain for the Family

  • 15 GB Shared Space
  • 35 Email Accounts
  • Roundcube Web Client
  • Your Personal Domain
  • Multiple webmail clients to choose fom

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Control panel

Control panel

All of our email hosting plans come with cPanel.

All about cPanel

With cPanel you can easily manage every aspect of your email hosting account. From creating custom email addresses resetting password, and adjusting spam filters. The best thing about cPanel is that it can be accessed easily from any computer with an Internet connection.

cPanel features

cPanel allows you to easily:

  • Create/delete email accounts of your choice (@yourcompany.com) and access webmail via your browser

Horde Webmail Client

Horde Webmail Client

All of our web hosting plans come with Horde Webmail Client.

All about Horde Groupware

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is a free, enterprise ready, browser based communication suite. Users can read, send and organize email messages and manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, files, and bookmarks with the standards compliant components from the Horde Project. Horde Groupware Webmail Edition bundles the separately available applications IMP, Ingo, Kronolith, Turba, Nag, Mnemo, Gollem, and Trean.

Popular Horde Features

  • Message Filtering
  • Message Searching
  • HTML message composition with WYSIWIG editor

Roundecube Webmail Client

Roundecube Webmail Client

If you are looking for appearance and easy-to-use functions, go for Roundcube. It is because Roundcube provides user-friendly and fairly intuitive interface for your emails !

Why Roundcube?

  • Find as you Type Address book integration
  • Calendars, Folders, full featured address book

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